The Aux Sable Creek watershed plan update is a process to update the original plan from the 1990s and meet new watershed planning criteria established by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA). It is a collaborative effort among local stakeholders, following the Guidance for Developing Watershed Action Plans in Illinois created by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning and the IEPA.

By updating the plan we hope to remediate and prevent degradation of the Aux Sable Creek watershed. The pace of development is so rapid that we need to continue efforts to improve development practices, avoiding approaches that have been proven to be detrimental to creek quality. We believe that development can occur in the watershed without degrading the creek. So, together we are working to accomplish this objective by working cooperatively with units of local government, other local organizations, and landowners toward the mutual goal of protecting water quality in the Aux Sable Creek. Representatives are volunteering their personal and professional time to be part of a solution - to reverse findings on water quality degradation and protect watershed landowners and residents’ quality of life.

The proposed project includes two components: 1) updating and strengthening the Aux Sable Creek Watershed Plan and 2) education and outreach to protect the watershed. This website provides information about the update and eventually will host valuable information and resources to help protect the watershed.

Watershed Quilt Project

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Final Watershed Plan

June 1, 2009

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